Our Facility

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Our state-of-the-art facility is located on 4.6 acres of property in the lush Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, steps from the Campbell Valley Regional Park. The facility is enclosed within a spacious 2.8 acre greenhouse and uses the principles of land-based aquaculture farming to effectively monitor and reduce variables such as disease, fish waste, and environmental stressors that may occur in open pen farming operations. The facility uses pure well water to cultivate the seafood, ensuring a fresher, cleaner product, and uses a recirculating system to ensure optimal water conservation and minimal environmental impact. In addition, we set rigorous standards for our operations, including daily monitoring of the organisms and the water, both through our sophisticated chemistry lab on site and in association with the University of British Columbia.

One of the goals of our company is to eliminate the production of waste from our aquaculture operations to minimize pollution. We are committed to the concept of “zero waste” by recycling water and eliminating fecal waste and metabolites using advances in science and technology. We employ aquaponics technology (or the integration of our recirculating fish aquaculture system with plant hydroponics) as a natural means to purify our rearing water and to prevent the occurrence of diseases by eliminating pollutants that affect the surrounding aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Our sophisticated fish aquaculture facility conserves and recycles water and eliminates waste and metabolites through sophisticated mechanical and biological filtration systems. It also purifies and detoxifies culture water using a combination of biofilter microorganisms and plants as nutrient extractors, and employs a UV filtration system to kill any microbial pathogens that may affect fish health, so as to enhance food safety for consumers. Our company strives to improve fish welfare and health using best management practices in aquaculture. We use formulated nutritious feed to improve fish growth and our goal is to keep our fish healthy without any use of drugs or therapeutants.